Movement Exercise

Exercise at Body Craft

The role of exercise, movement, and training at Body Craft is to recruit all elements of our sensory system to accomplish better health and movement. It is important to state that the focus of exercise, movement, and training (EMT) at Body Craft is not to strengthen specific areas of the body, so as to reduce pain of the associated area. It is however the focus of our treatments to adequately supply the central processing center (the brain) through its accessory organs (eyes, vestibular system, hearing, and tactile) and other sensory systems, such as proprioception, accurate and curative information so that the resulting output restores proper function and therefore optimal health, no pain!

The entirety of our sensory system (those systems that have other accessory elements throughout the body) provide input to the brain. Input appreciation, how it is experienced by the organism, can be apparent, as in the input as experienced by extraception. Input can be unclear as well, as when we experience it from our intraception systems and other input can vary from discernible or vague from the proprioception system. Regardless of the input, the brain's task is to process the information from this system and accordingly produce a response output. Dysfunction arises when the input is absent or when there is insufficient input. In dysfunction then the brain attempts to stabilize, at least from a muscular and skeletal perspective, via muscular tension or muscle tightness. Therefore the instability, dysfunction, of specific movements of joints causes a reflexive and protective output in an attempt to stabilize the joint. This can be experienced as muscle tension of associated joint muscle. Examples of such scenarios are in over-use syndromes such as carpal tunnel and shoulder joint pain syndromes. In order to change improper function then, our focus is to train the brain, via its sensory organs and systems, to facilitate the desirable and corrective output that will then decrease muscle tension. As such, in general, all symptoms are produced in the same manner as has been described. Accordingly, it is important to utilize the nervous system to re-establish corrective input and outputs in order to optimize health.

Therefore, specific exercises, movement, and training (EMT) are used to provide adequate input to the brain. Much of the activities are focused on making the inputs from the sensory organs and systems apparent enough so as to produce a corrective output. Our EMT interventions originate from advanced disciplines and institutes that educate and promote the connection above the central nervous system, dysfunctions and human body movements. The prominent intervention used at Body Craft is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. The two foremost institute and organizations that further inform are EMT interventions are Postural Restoration Institute and Z-Health. The knowledge acquired from these institutes and disciplines allow us to evolve our practice so that we may provide you the best care from the most advanced and evidence based treatment approaches.