Performance Enhancement Training


Body SMART Training

The Functional Approach to Sports Performance

Structured resistance training covers everything from rehabilitation to high level sports training where the principles are basically the same throughout the whole spectrum.

The level of training that can be performed by an individual can be determined by the individual's stabilization patterns. The individual's ability to properly stabilize the movement should never be exceeded by any form of exercise.

People generally believe that certain exercises are functional, however, they need to get away from this belief because there a no functional exercises. "People" are functional that have proper stabilization and good movement patterns.

An individual's stabilization and movement patterns should be evaluated, activated, and corrected before they perform any form of exercise. Golfers will hit it farther, football players will move quicker, pitchers will throw harder, and soccer players will run faster by obtaining the proper stabilization and good movement patterns for sports.

Personal Training Session
1 Session: $150 (60min)
10 Sessions Package: $1,200 ($120/session, 60min)

Professional/Elite Athlete Training Session
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